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My name is Erzsébet Seres


I have been dealing with porcelain painting since 1976.

I learned this profession at Herend Porcelain Manufacture and was working there for almost 15 years. During this period my teachers were the best masters of the manufacture and the profession as well. My works - sets, pictures and ornamental pieces - have been regularly displayed at several domestic exhibitions since the early 1980s.


According to my experiences there are customers who are not gratified with mass- production, the decal and the standard decoration method In order to satisfy the demands of discerning customer I opened my own porcelain painting workshop where exclusively own designed hand painted individual pieces and small series products are made.

I am a member of several clubs such as Hunting’s Cultural Association (2001) and since 2003 an Associate Member of “Diana” Hunter-lady’s Club where by my products- as a herald of hunting culture - I want to interpret the beauty of hunting for all open-minded people, in particular for the hunters as well. This is why you can regularly find several motives of the nature - animals, birds flowers- on the porcelain sets, ornamental pieces and pictures. Besides them family crests, coat of arms, aristocratic coat of arms are also painted.

I strive for a personal contact with my customers. Taking into account their individual requests and I adjust the motives to the shape of porcelain.
I regularly take part either domestic or international exhibitions, regional hunting, hotel and catering events.
I sell my works directly, they are commercially not available.
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